What is online ticket booking with LIBMOT?

Online ticket booking is the ability to search for a trip, select & lock preferred seating and pay for the booked trip using your bank cards.

How do I purchase a ticket online with Libra Motors?

You can purchase/book online by typing www.libmot.com on your smart devices or download our app on your android or apple store by typing “libmot”.

What payment methods are available when purchasing a ticket online?

You can pay with any of your local bank cards (Verve, VISA & Master Card), pay from bank accounts by selecting the bank you have account with and USSD.

How do I know my ticket payment is successful & valid?

Once your card details is valid, amount payable is confirmed through the payment gateway, all required card details are completely filled, a debt alert will be received on your mapped mobile number to the account from your bank. A successful notification message is sent to your provided email and mobile number with the ticket reference code.

In a situation where I get debited by my bank but did not receive the e-ticket receipt via email and SMS. What should be the solution?

You will get both email & SMS notification prompting you of unsuccessful payment. We advise that you work with you bank for refund. For further clarification please contact our customer service line on 09031565022 | 08090904385.

What do I do with the booking reference, once at the departure terminal?

You are to walk to the online booking agent at the counter and get a valid printed ticket for boarding.

What should I do if I lose my booking reference number?

Be at your departing terminal 2 hours before the time, provide the evidence of bank debit, provide your name and mobile number to the online booking staff, he/she will check your name on the purchased trip, only with that validation will you be given a boarding ticket.

Can I book on hold?

Yes you can book on hold but will only be valid for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes if no payment is done online the book on hold reference will no longer be valid.

How do I change my booking details after paying online?

Please visit our website page www.libmot.com and fill the “complaint form” OR visit the nearest terminal to you OR call the customer service line on 09031565022 or 08090904385.

Can I check/search/view the availability of trips and fares without the actual purchase of a ticket?

Yes you can, by selecting your preferred travel date, destination and number of persons to view available trips and fares.

At what time am I expected to be at my departing terminal before boarding?

You are expected to be at your departing terminal 1 hour before be boarding time.

Will I get a refund for purchased ticket if am late for boarding or missed my already paid trip?

No ticket is refundable. Your ticket is only valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. If you are late after 30mins of boarding time, you will be charged NGN 1,000. If you missed your paid trip, you will pay a flat fee of NGN 1,000 plus the difference of the current fare if applicable.

Do you have any complain/suggestion/accolades to tender?

Please visit our site www.libmot.com and go to the tab named “complaint form”, kindly fill the form.

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